Proud Stacks Advocate Newbier than Friedger in DeFi ;) My French Community Lead Accomplished the F*ck the war run. I ran 100 miles in March 2022 for Luda who has been in My French Community since our beginning in 2020. Luda is from Moscow, she’s an English teacher in primary school. Lately, she told us she was able to sell some of her stocks before they had frozen the stock market in Russia. Ongoing: Auctioning of 7 Bitcoin day NFTs for Luda: Parter: gamma.io (ex-STXNFT) 1 NFT is auctioned every day for 7 days Place ur bid here: https://create.gamma.io/auctions On-boarding 7 ambassadors to kick-start every auction Ambassadors r successful women outside the Stacks Community. Rapha on-boards them to XVERSE & gamma.io. Rapha provides a few stacks to kick start each auction and their BNS domain name. Attempted & failed: the Bitcoin rocks, an attempt at providing strategic advice to an early and promising NFT project. Accomplished: the Bitcoin Days, a run powered by boom.money and stxnft.com. I ran 100 miles from accross the Hudson of Manhattan, onboarded Divya to Bitcoin and raised 689$STX for her. Divya is a scholar from India at My French Community and the amount raised at the time accounted for 3 lakh in Rupees. Proceeds came from the sale of 6 pictures of Manhattan skyline, which were minted on Boom and sold on Stxnft. Supporters included community members the likes of Spartan, Louise, Exploriter, Axopoa and Friedger. Accomplished: the Community's NFTs , a too ambitious run. I ran an additional 190 miles for a total of 290 and failed at my goal of 350. However, in the meantime, I received an overwhelming support from the entire $STX community thru the donations of many NFTs, which were sold to raise 761$STX for Emmanuel (the unsold NFTs -14- were transferred to his wallet). Emmanuel is a scholar from Nigeria at My French Community. Supporters included community members and NFT project creators the likes of @bogachev_anton, @nftonstacksbtc, @themariaverse, @blurredMuseum, stacksarabia.btc, alexander.btc, dulb.btc, @funkydonuts,_nft, @stacksparrots, @Jaco_van_Wyk, @Dunkedstudios, Spartan.btc, Axopoa.btc, Louise Nakamoto, Fishy Business, Friedger and many others. "Et surtout, faites briller votre flamme" (No matter what, may ur run shine!) rapha.btc