Sean Longstreet is an award-winning educator, photographer, guitarist and composer from Southern California. After completing his bachelors in Music Education & Jazz Guitar from the University of Redlands as well as a Masters in Instrumental Conducting from Sam Houston State University, Longstreet went on to teach instrumental music for the next 15 years, leading numerous schools in expanding and enriching their music programs. During his 6 years teaching with the Los Angeles Unified School District, Sean assembled and grew thriving music programs in Los Angeles. Since entering the Web 3 space Longstreet has released a variety of NFTs related to music, photography, and music education. He has written music for Project Indigo, Nonnish Kingdom, Satoshibles, and continues to collaborate with other communities in the Stacks ecosystem. See links below, and check out his interviews with the Built on Bitcoin, and Airdrop Podcasts, linked below.