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Owl link is the easiest way to get all links in one place using only one link that you will share in bio of your social profiles like Instagram, Onlyfans, Youtube. Owl link is your digital business card 😉.


All Links In One Place. Build Your
Social Bio Link Today.

Easily build your bio link and take it wherever your audience is, to help them to discover all your important content. Enjoy all other benefits:

Direct your audiences to the right place

Single link in your bio with multiple destinations

Define how your audiences contact you

Easy connections for Youtubers, Influencers and Businesses

Get multiple links in instagram bio

Clickable link in instagram bio

Smarturl for multiple links destinations

And more...

Start To Manage Multiple Links In One Link.

Introduce yourself, upload your photo or logo and start adding your links. with owl link you can customize your profile page on it and add an unlimited number of links to your static page.

You can refer audiences to your profile through the link in bio, once they click, they would see all links (which are clickable link) in one page.

We give you exactly the tool that you need in social media to become a superhero :)


Analytics and Insights. Awesome dashboard.

Gain valuable insight into your traffic and discover which content is performing with your audience.

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All Links In One Link, Linktree Killer Best Free Alternative

What Next? Create your best bio link following these easy steps:

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Build up your links

All your links in on link. create an unlimited links.

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Add your link to bios

You're done! you have choose the best bio link for instagram and the best app for multiple social media accounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Owl link is the best Linktree free alternative for 2020 that allows you connect audiences to all your content with one link. Our dashboard is easy to use and reliable and much more. Owl link is always better than Linktree :)

At the moment there is only the free version of Owl link, and it's free FOREVER.

Of course! Just log in to your dashboard and remove/edit/add everything you want at any time!